Botaniqa Love me long Set - Long Hair Dog Shampoo and Conditioner, 2x 250ml


Botaniqa cosmetics set: Love me Long shampoo + conditioner, dedicated for long-haired breeds. (2x250ml)

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Based on natural ingredients shampoo especially developed for long haired breeds. Product not only thoroughly cleans and nourishes but also strengthens hair while protecting against mechanical damage. Thanks to presence of natural and pure extracts from Cupuau fruit and Shea nuts shampoo smooths and shines hair. 1:5 concentrate. Product free of parabens, colorants, animal origin ingredients, silicone or petroleum byproduct.

Use directions:
Before use, comb or brush coat thoroughly. Wet coat with warm water and apply diluted shampoo (1:5), massage gently from head to tail until foam appears, then rinse well with warm water. Repeat if needed. For best result use Love Me Long Cupuau & Shea Conditioner. Regular use of the conditioner lives hair more silky and protected against external factors such as hot air stream from the dryer or air pollution. Apply desired amount of conditioner on wet hair, spread evenly. Live on for several minutes, then rinse with warm water. Pay special attention to areas particularity exposed for tangling. Gently dry the coat with soft towel, use dryer if needed. ;

Amazing conditioner based on natural Cupuau and Shea butter provides perfect care for long-haired dogs. Love Me Long Cupuau and Shea Conditioner not only nourishes, but also, thanks to use of patented complex obtained from safflower oil, strengthens and protects hair against negative effects of air pollution and high temperature. Product leaves straight, smooth and full of shine hair. Recommended for systematic care for long and semi-long coat that requires nutrition, hydration and protection. Recommended for long-haired dogs such: Yorkshire Terriers, Shih tzu, Afghan Hounds, Lhasa Apso and dogs with similar coat structure. Conditioner does not contain any harmful substances such parabens, sulfates, colorants, silicone, animal origin ingredients or petroleum byproducts.

Use directions:
Before use, wash the dog first. For optimal results, use Love Me Long Cupuau & Shea Shampoo which thoroughly cleanses, nourishes and moisturizes hair. Shampoo from the For Ever Bath series perfectly harmonizes with the conditioner. Apply right amount of diluted conditioner (1:5) to wet hair and spread it thoroughly. Leave it for several minutes, then rinse well with warm, clean water. Gently dry with soft towel, and then, if required, use a dryer until the hair is completely dry. Regular use makes hair more silky and protected against harmful factors such hot air stream from dryer or air pollution.

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